Important Sunday Service Change 7/26/20

Dear Living Grace Family,

As you have likely heard by now, Kern County has been officially added to the state's coronavirus monitoring list. This means that, as of today, indoor operations for churches have been ordered to cease. Even if we may disagree with some of the decisions being made by our governing authorities, or question their right to involve themselves in church matters, we (Living Grace) are going to return to recording our Sunday services and posting them online at 10:00 AM on Sunday mornings (beginning this Sunday, July, 26th), rather than holding in-person worship services for the time being. We do not foresee this being a long-term situation, but something we feel is wise for at least a short amount of time. We are choosing to do this, not simply because of a government mandate, but out of concern for the present condition of the virus in our local community and out of an abundance of caution. Our plan is to evaluate when we should return to in-person services at LBC based upon those concerns.
Of course, being unable to meet together in-person and worship alongside one another is not best for any of us. God designed us to be in fellowship with one another on a consistent basis. We know that isolation from the body of Christ is taking a spiritual, emotional, and maybe even physical toll on many of you. We want you to know that we (the elders and staff) are available to meet with, or talk to, anyone who is struggling in any of those ways during this time (our contact information is available on our website).
We do understand that other churches are going to see these matters from differing perspectives and may choose to take a different course than we are choosing. We want to be gracious toward one another even when that is the case. The church has an opportunity to shine the light of Christ ever so brightly during these troubling times, let us not diminish our light by biting and devouring one another over differences of opinions on these matters.
We love you all very much and look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later,
The Living Grace Elders
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