Prayer and Fasting 9/9/20

Good Morning Living Grace,

I hope you are well and excited about another day of prayer and fasting before our good God. I know this isn't easy, but it's important. Thank you in advance for making the sacrifice and the discipline to join us in prayer for these important things.

1. Pray for your own growth in the likeness of Jesus. Pray to hate sin like Jesus hated sin and to love people like Jesus loved people. Pray to be obedient to the Father like Jesus was obedient.

2. Pray for Shon and Sarah as they are back in the States because of the Covid situation in their mission field. Pray for both spiritual rejuvenation and a continuing desire to go back and finish the task.

3. Pray for opportunities, even today, or this week, for you to be bold and share your faith and or invite someone to church. You can do this by His strength!

4. Praise God for the securing of our loan for the building! That's huge. Pray for us as we begin the task of designing the building and the property with the architects.

"Christian fasting, at its root, is the hunger of a homesickness for God." John Piper

Lord, hear our prayers!

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